You talked, we listened. Introducing Gruntify SaaS!

Since its inception back in 2015, Gruntify, as the premium mobility framework for the enterprise, has catered for the ‘top-end’ of the market, such as Government agencies and large commercial enterprises. Fast forward five years, and our work has won us multiple accolades, our client base has grown to include multiple Government agencies around the world, and the platform has improved substantially.

But what we’ve come to realize is that we’re missing out on supporting small to medium businesses who require a Gruntify-like platform for their projects but don’t necessarily have a larger number of users, complex requirements, and bigger budgets that are required to fund the custom implementations.

Originally, our subscription model featured Enterprise plans only, which were charged yearly and provided premium services. This was and still is ideal for companies who wish to complete long-term projects which require premium features such as white labelling.

But with our new pricing model, customers on the new Professional plan will be charged on a per-user, per-month basis. The new plan is aimed at small to medium organizations that have typically less than 100 users or organizations that have short term projects where user numbers can fluctuate. Plus, the new plan comes with the following added benefits:

• Get started for FREE via web or mobile apps
• Simple self-service, pay by credit card
• Reduced monthly license fees
• No locked-in contract periods

For our large enterprise customers, the good news is our enterprise plans are here to stay. In fact, they’re even getting better. The APIs in Gruntify received a massive overhaul, where we added “Sign in with Microsoft” while the new v4 of Gruntify comes with a fresh new look! The clients who require custom branding, access to API, and premium support services will, of course, continue to use the Enterprise plans.

With our new plans, no matter how large or small your organization is, you will now find a Gruntify plan that will suit you.

For more information on these new plans, and what’s included, visit our Pricing Page for details.

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