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Forms & Templates

Form builder w/ live preview
Build forms with a drag and drop interface to collect data in the field. With live preview you can visualize how the forms look on your mobile devices.
Form template library
Get started using pre-made templates for a variety of industries and use cases.
Dynamic repeaters
Dynamically add multiple form fields using a parent / child hierarchy.
Conditional logic
Use conditional logic to create smart forms allowing you to control visibility of your form fields and design.
Signature capture
Barcode scanning
QR Code scanning
GPS trip recording
Record detailed GPS trip information for proof of service. Available on requests and jobs.
Photo versions
Compare media at certain points in time. As an example, there could be a photo taken before a request has taken place, at the time of the request and another after the request.

Jobs & Scheduling

Recurring & reactive
Execute time-based maintenance (TBM) using recurring schedules or generate simple reactive work orders.
Job queue
Automate job and resource assignment based on parameters such as team availability, team equipment, user accreditations, job priority and more.
Manage the equipment assigned to teams. Inform which jobs can be completed based on equipment available.
Manage the accreditations and skills of your team members. Inform which jobs can be completed based on user's accreditations.
Bulk import
Easily bulk import your jobs with simple field mapping and detailed error reporting.
Card, map & table views
Easily manage and visualize your scheduled service jobs in card, map or table formats.
Calendar view
Easily manage and visualize your scheduled service jobs in a calendar format.

Asset Management

Import or draw features
Import GeoJSON, JSON or CSV files or simply draw your own asset features on the map.
Record version migration
Migrate old asset records to the latest asset form version so your data is consistent.
Bulk import
Easily bulk import your assets with simple field mapping and detailed error reporting.

Requests & Inspections

Geo-enabled forms
Using geo-enabled forms, all requests submitted from the mobile apps can be accurately displayed on maps in the web app.
Bulk import
Easily bulk import your requests with simple field mapping and detailed error reporting.

Workflow Automation

Workflow builder
Build workflows with a drag and drop interface. Set triggers, connect steps and set the operations to be performed.
Optional add-on
Workflow monitoring
Monitor workflow instances to determine what steps and operations are running, pending or waiting to be completed.
Optional add-on
Version history
Review previous versions of workflows including their flow charts and instances.
Optional add-on

Dashboards & Reports

Dashboard builder
Build custom dashboards in minutes, see how your metrics are trending and share results with your team.
User reports
Request reports
Job reports
Asset reports
Excel, Power BI & Tableau supported.
Export template builder
PDF, GeoJSON & CSV export file formats supported.
Bulk exports
PDF white labelling
Your logo and customer logo (if applicable).


Use filters to get more insights, uncover hidden trends and build interactive reports.
Saved queries
Combine filters and save into a detailed query that can be shared with your team or referenced again in future.
Real-time record activity
Track activity across individual records for requests, jobs and assets.
System audit log
Keep stakeholders and administrators in the loop with a detailed overview of all workspace activity.

Users & Groups

User management
Team management
Depot management
Work regions
Restrict data such as requests and jobs to a specific region or map layer so your team members see only what they need to.
User & team permissions
Control permissions such as assigned roles, regions, teams, forms, accreditations and equipment.
Real-time GPS tracking
Extra $5 per user per month
Bulk invite


Import & Style Map Layers
GeoJSON and KMZ plus ZIP archives containing: GeoJSON, GeoPackage, MapInfo (MIF and TAB), ESRI ShapeFiles or SpatialLite
Free Basemaps
Premium basemaps
Azure Maps, HERE Maps, Mapbox, Maxar, MetroMaps, NearMap, OpenWeatherMap, ThunderForest, TomTom
Object creation
Create additional spatial geometry such as defects or other objects of interest that can be bundled with requests and jobs.
External data source
Connect external data sources as map layers that are updated in Gruntify whenever the external data is updated and the map is reloaded.

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android apps
Native iOS and Android apps including native iPad app.
Apple watch app
Perform GPS Trip recording directly from your Watch.
Geo-enabled forms
Complete forms and collect data in the field all with geolocation
Geotagged media
All captured media such as photos, videos, audio are geotagged.
Image annotations
Markup captured photos or draw on a blank canvas with text, line and drawing tools.
Measure tools
Measure distance or area and choose from a variety of unit measurements.
List & map views
Calendar view
Easily manage and visualize your scheduled service jobs in a calendar form.
Works offline
Collect data in the field and resync when you're back online. Maps can also be downloaded for offline use.
White labelled apps
Completely white labelled with your organization name, logo and brand colour.
Job caching
Cache jobs locally on your device to work offline and resync when you're back online.

API & Integrations

Grunt helper agents
Side services that can be custom built by Gruntify to perform a custom task or integration.
Power BI


Active Directory SSO
Google SSO
Apple SSO
Roles & Permissions
GDPR compliance

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A seat refers to a user with granted access to protected digital software such as Gruntify. For example, a purchase of 20 seats would permit software usage by 20 different and specifically named users.

Yes, you can cancel at any time, however no refunds are given for the remainder of your current subscription period.

There are no contracts to sign. Each plan is month-to-month.

Monthly or Annual Tax Invoice payments are only available to organizations on our Enterprise plans with more than 50 users.

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