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Firing explosives?
Inform nearby asset owners

Streamline and automate the process for documenting, notifying and reporting of blasting activity.

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Digitize blasting notifications

By digitizing your blasting notification workflow, you can improve accuracy and timeliness of notifications, communication efficiency, and more easily track and record blast information.

This can help to ensure the safety of both workers and the general public, while streamlining the overall blasting process.

Blasting Notification

Harness maps & real-time location data

Maps and geospatial technology can greatly improve blast notification workflows by providing accurate, up-to-date information on the location and intensity of blasts.

Real-time location data can also help emergency responders and other relevant parties to quickly and effectively assess the situation and respond accordingly, improving safety and minimizing disruption.

Automate approvals & notify nearby asset owners

Mine operators, explosive professionals and asset owners get timely and regulated notifications for both the approval process and the blasting activities. 

And with the power of Gruntify’s Workflow Studio, your entire blasting notification workflow can be automated with just a few clicks.

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How can you use Gruntify for Blast Notifications?

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Fireworks Displays

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