About Gruntify

We discovered that the way organizations collect data is fundamentally broken – and we saw a way to fix that. Revolutionizing outdated workflows is no small job — and it takes a special bunch of people to get that done.

The Gruntify Journey




Igor Stjepanovic founds Gruntify, a platform which emerged from a Smart Cities concept that was pitched during Open Innovation summit in Brisbane, Australia in 2015.



Initial Release

The first version of the technology platform is launched, and Gruntify quickly emerges from being a one trick pony into the Swiss Army knife of data collection and management.




Gruntify secures strategic partnerships with Microsoft and other leading ICT organizations around the world. The company is set to build on and secure additional value added reseller partnerships in 2018.




The future is bright for Gruntify. With a growing partnership network and an enviable technology roadmap, Gruntify is sure to lead the way as a true next generation platform.

Our core values

Get it done

Respect every person

Us before me

Never stop improving

Think big, move fast

A culture that celebrates “can do”

At Gruntify, we work as one big team and we embrace and respect differences in gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and thinking. The result is the product that is truly unique and at the forefront of innovation.

  • "Gruntify's multicultural environment is one of the best parts about working here. We have great team culture, supportive management and good atmosphere. I am surrounded by incredibly capable people, where l find myself growing, and uncovering abilities beyond expectations.”

    Navneet Kaur, Test Analyst & Release Manager

  • “Gruntify feels like a tight-knit family where I feel incredibly supported by the talented and experienced people around me. No single part functions alone. We work together in a highly collaborative environment collectively focusing our passion, skills and experience with a single goal and vision in mind – to create a world-class product.”

    Nikki Yuan, Web Developer

  • “Gruntify is a progressive company that takes great care of their employees. We have an anti-burnout culture and we go home at normal hours. Our forward-thinking culture allows innovative ideas to flourish amongst our employees giving us the power to disrupt some very established products.”

    Chris Green, Chief Technology Officer

Highly awarded

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Join our team

We’re a team of dedicated engineers, designers and business minds building a system to change the way people make data-driven decisions around the world. We’re looking for curious people who love building, teaching and learning.

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Gruntify is simple enough for small teams to adopt, but powerful enough to run your entire organization. Have a simple question? Want more information on pricing? Get in touch with us today and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.