Conduct property inspections & maintain properties with ease.

Perform Inspections

Perform Inspections

Complete your rental inspections electronically with photographic evidence and markups.

Access Historical Data

Access Historical Data

View relevant rental history and maps to ensure all tenants are compliant with your standards.

Customize & Enhance

Customize and Enhance

Create the form you need using our user-friendly form builder. Zero coding, 100% paperless.

Versatile & Automatic

Versatile and Automatic

Working on Android and iOS, you can create PDF forms in seconds with only a few taps.

Streamline rental inspections

Complete rental inspections electronically, on one platform. Take photos, attach media, add signatures and then tap to upload in real-time to the cloud. Before you know it, paper-based reports will be a thing of the past.

Tenancy Rental Inspections Streamline
Rental Inspections

Maintain housing standards

Hosted on a secure platform, you can be sure all collated information is safe. With Gruntify’s one-stop-shop, view historic data and make sure tenants are compliant with all housing standards.

Compliance and complaints

All rental reports are embedded with GPS location, date/time stamp and photographic evidence. Armed with this information, managing tenant complaints and ensuring landlords’ compliance will be a breeze.

Tenancy Rental Inspections Compliance
Tenancy Rental Inspections

Connect with staff

Using our tracking capability, you can connect with your staff in real-time and manage when inspections need to be done. Paired with Gruntify’s chatbot feature, you can ensure high levels of consistency in communications.

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