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Empower pest & weed management processes

Streamline operations with a complete turnkey solution for biosecurity inspections and management.

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Rising to the biosecurity challenge

As the world grapples with increasingly frequent and severe biosecurity outbreaks, the importance of efficient and coordinated pest and weed management has never been more critical.

Difficulty safeguarding ecosystems
Large-scale threats to agriculture & food chain
Relentless threats to public health

Unlock unparalleled biosecurity efficiency and precision with Gruntify

The technology that excels in fire ant management extends its capabilities to address all invasive species and weed challenges.

Seamless pest and weed reporting

Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming and complex reporting in pest and weed management. Gruntify’s biosecurity inspections and management workflow provides simplified, unified, and government-standard compliant reporting capabilities. Focus on eliminating invasive species like fire ants, not battling computer systems.

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Precision mapping for pest and weed control

Combat pests and weeds with unwavering precision. Gruntify’s interactive maps allow you to identify and understand spread of infestations accurately, be it fire ants or any other invasive species. Geotagged photos further enhance documentation, supporting targeted control measures.

Streamlined response for effective pest management

Swift action is vital in pest and weed management. Gruntify’s biosecurity workflow ensures your team’s inspection and treatment activities are well-coordinated. Take full control. Stay ahead of the game with timely email notifications and shareable activity data.

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Effective weed management

Customise your forms to effectively match your weed management business processes. Gruntify’s biosecurity workflow lets you tailor users, permissions, spatial data, work orders and more to your specific pest and weed management workflows. Instantly access property history and issue landowner notices.


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“Our goal using Gruntify is to adopt a ‘control room’ model for a fully automated mobile workforce. Instead of constant manual intervention, we will have full visibility using dashboards and exception reporting.”
Kerry Nohlmans
Kerry Nohlmans

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