Transform the safety of your team with smarter technology.

Safety for All

Safety for all

Safe people are happy people. Provide a safe environment for your staff and visitors.

Conformity with Law

Conformity with law

Use workflows to fix potential hazards, helping you meet your WHS obligations.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep detailed records

Recorded a near miss or slip hazard? Keep detailed logs of how it was managed.

Many Sites, Single System

Many sites, single system

Manage multiple buildings and sites with one web platform, from anywhere.

Report hazards, eliminate risks

Seen something worth reporting? Then take action and report it! By simply taking a photo of a hazard and uploading it to a web platform, you can activate the process of assessing and removing potential hazards before someone gets hurt. 

Gruntify makes that process much faster and more efficient than anything you’ve seen before.

Industries Workplace Health Safety
Industries Workplace

Meet compliance requirements

Safety is not just a nice thing to do… It is mandated by law! If you are an employer, are you aware of your safety obligations? Arming your employees with technology to efficiently document hazards will not only save you time in addressing it, but also protect your most precious resources – your people – from getting hurt in the process. 

Request a Gruntify demo today to see how quick and easy it could be to conduct routine workplace health and safety checks.

Send alerts to workers in real-time

Sometimes things go wrong. Like a crane becomes unstable due to bad weather, or powerlines get damaged in a bad storm. So how do you currently inform your staff about dangers? 

Gruntify features instant push notification capability that can send quick messages to your staff and alert them to danger. And of course, you can send emails or SMS (at additional fees*) too.

Safety Send Alerts

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