Give your facilities the care they deserve.

Modernize your FM

Modernize your FM

Handle everything from heritage buildings to modern high-tech facilities.

It Just Works

It just works

Suitable for small and large scale service providers to the the FM industry.

Increase Compliance

Increase compliance

Streamline FM processes, conduct regular checks and mitigate risk.

Do More With Less

Do more with less

Deliver outstanding facility management services on ever reducing budgets.

Connect with staff in real-time

Are you a hospital, university or airport manager? Do you need to know where your cleaning, security and maintenance staff are located at all times? Using Gruntify’s tracking capability, you can connect with your staff in real time and request jobs to be completed as soon as they pop up!

Find your way - indoors or outdoors

Are you constantly getting calls and emails about visitors or students getting lost around campus? Or that buildings are too hard to navigate? Using Gruntify’s indoor–outdoor wayfinding, everyone can easily navigate around buildings both inside and outside.

Asset management made easier

Do you need assistance with keeping track of your assets and supplies? Using Gruntify’s tracking ability, you can keep an eye out for where your larger assets are – and in real-time. This can include, but is not limited to, tracking shopping trolleys, hospital beds, wheelchairs, plus more.

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