Workflows for Underground Utilities

Automate utilities field service workflows with ease

Manage underground utilities field work and conduct pit inspections at scale with automated workflows.

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Pit inspections in utilities are tough

Are you struggling with disjointed technology and poor data management? We hear you.

Integrated Systems
Lack of integrated systems
Increased safety risk & undetected faults
Coordinating data is complex
Delays & increasing operational costs

Gruntify makes your job simpler and easier

By using our streamlined underground utilities asset and pit inspection workflows, you can expect efficient pit inspections in utilities fieldwork at scale.

Swiftly plan, schedule and assign work orders

To begin, the pit inspection process involves assigning resources and planning inspection routes. Gruntify incorporates mapping capabilities to ensure efficient resource allocation and productivity in the field.

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Streamline site pit inspections for enhanced efficiency

During the on-site inspection, Gruntify mobile apps empower technicians to capture detailed information and photographs of pit conditions. By utilizing mobile applications and electronic forms, real-time data capture is facilitated, enabling accurate and comprehensive documentation.

Seamlessly sync data and generate comprehensive reports

Following the underground utilities inspection, technicians synchronize the captured data with central databases or cloud-based platforms. This seamless data transfer ensures immediate availability of inspection findings for further analysis and reporting.

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Drive smart data analysis for informed decision-making

The synchronized inspection data is then assessed in real-time using workflow studio to identify any immediate issues or maintenance requirements. Detailed reports and dashboards in Power BI are generated, providing a comprehensive overview of pit conditions and highlighting areas that require attention.

Optimize maintenance scheduling for timely results

Based on the analysis of the inspection data, maintenance or repair actions are scheduled and assigned to the appropriate teams or contractors. Gruntify enables efficient work order creation, progress tracking, and communication, ensuring timely completion and effective follow-up on maintenance tasks.

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“Our goal using Gruntify is to adopt a ‘control room’ model for a fully automated mobile workforce. Instead of constant manual intervention, we will have full visibility using dashboards and exception reporting.”
Kerry Nohlmans
Kerry Nohlmans

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