Using field service automation - Male engineer in his car working on different tasks on his laptop and holding a walkie-talkie.

Field Service Automation 101: Streamline Your Field Service Processes

Repetitive yet time-consuming tasks are a part of every field service operation’s daily routine. Whether you’re overseeing the maintenance and repair of your company fleet or providing customer support for an industrial product, there is always something that needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. But what if we told you that youRead more

Gruntify Appoints Peter Kinne as Chief Revenue Officer

Gruntify, a global field service automation leader, today officially announced Peter Kinne has joined Gruntify’s executive team as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Kinne will oversee the organization’s global sales, partner program, and customer care as Gruntify enters its next phase of growth. Kinne joins Gruntify with more than 25 years of experience in buildingRead more

Choosing the Best Field Service Management Software in 2022

The field service sector is infamous for being sluggish in keeping up with technology. Before COVID-19, most companies were okay with managing field staff with paper or spreadsheets. And for most who had some sort of technology, data silos impeded workflow because only one department could access info at a time. The Market Watch reported that theRead more

Gruntify CEO sits down with Cybernews to discuss the future of field service

Gruntify Founder & CEO, Igor Stjepanovic recently sat down with Cybernews to discuss the evolution of field service, and what the next few years look like for the industry and a growing mobile workforce. The interview covered a wide-range of topics, namely: The idea that spawned Gruntify and what the journey’s been like What GruntifyRead more

Two field service workers using a computer to access their field service management software.

Field Service Management Software – Factors & Features to Consider

Field service management (FSM) can be a logistical problem, but this depends on your tools. For example, trying to balance factors such as different orders’ urgency and different field technicians’ locations and specialties using a spreadsheet and telephone can feel like a tough puzzle. However, it is easier and quicker when using field service managementRead more

Streamlining BPM With Workflow Automation

Business processes are key to every organization’s success, and streamlined processes are crucial to attaining positive business outcomes. In a bid to digitize business processes, organizations opt to implement multiple-point solutions, which in most cases end up being counterproductive. That’s where Business Process Management (BPM) automation software can make a difference. Continue reading to discoverRead more

Data Privacy: Why Gruntify is Investing in ISO 27001 and GDPR Certification

If you have heard about GDPR or ISO 27001 certifications, you may be wondering how your business may benefit from getting these certifications. To become ISO 27001 or GDPR compliant, you need to seek certification from an accredited institution that will conduct an audit to ensure the organization’s compliance. Gruntify is investing in acquiring ISORead more

Male engineer using a tablet computer in a factory - using prescriptive maintenance to check machineries.

Stepping Up to Prescriptive Maintenance

Organizations use multiple maintenance strategies to ensure the most cost-effective solution for each asset. Sometimes, companies find themselves using reactive maintenance because they’ve experienced equipment failure. Most businesses use preventative maintenance to schedule maintenance before a failure occurs. Some enterprises are also implementing predictive maintenance by deploying sensors and other IoT devices to collect data. TheRead more

Geofencing: Understanding How to Use it in Field Services

Geofencing creates virtual boundaries on a real-time map. Take any virtual map tracking live GPS tags. This might be packages, vehicles, equipment, or people. The GPS markers move over the map area based on their route. Now draw a circle on that map and send an alert every time one of the GPS objects crossesRead more

How Automated Insurance Claims Processing Works

Claims processing forms a critical role within an insurance company. The process is often slow due to the meticulousness required when checking and verifying the client’s claims. The claims processing team has the noble task of ascertaining the client’s losses, issue settlement notices, assess the damages, and ultimately process payments. Claims submitted from online formsRead more

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