Gruntify adds “Sign in with Apple”

At Gruntify, we always aim to add more value to our customers. Which is why today, we’re happy to announce something really cool!

With the release of iOS 13 back in September 2019, Apple introduced a “Sign in with Apple” feature as its single sign-on authentication option. At the time, they said this was an important announcement in terms of their technical roadmap. So why is it important, and how does “Sign in with Apple” actually work?

Instead of using a social media account or filling out forms only to have another password to remember, simply tap the “Sign in with Apple” button, review your information, and sing in quickly and securely with Face ID, Touch ID, your device passcode.

We think that this cool feature will save our users time and improve their overall user experience with Gruntify.

In terms of privacy, “Sign in with Apple” gives users the option to keep their information private while still offering a secure way to authenticate with services. For more information on “Sign in with Apple,” please click here.

You might recall that today’s announcement follows our “Log in with Microsoft,” which we launched back in September 2019. Using either your personal or organizational Microsoft account, users can follow the steps and log into Gruntify with just a few clicks. Sign in with Apple or with Microsoft. The choice is yours!

These new ways to log in empowers us to introduce more great authentication integrations in the future. And we already have a few in the works! As always, make sure you’re following the Gruntify social media channels to keep up to date with all the latest news. More to come!

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