A New Way to Access Gruntify

Recently, we revealed our new integrations with Microsoft applications which helped Gruntify become more adaptable and accessible to customers. Today, we’re happy to announce a new way to access Gruntify, using your Microsoft account!

This is a simple but key feature that could save you time and improve your overall user experience with Gruntify. So how does it work?

With this new Microsoft Sign In integration, you can simply log into Gruntify using your Microsoft account. This includes organizational accounts as well as personal ones. The choice is yours!

As we mentioned before, this is a simple feature, but it provides more accessibility which is something we’re continuously striving for. No longer will you need to manually create a Gruntify account and add another password to your list of ones to remember. And as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are excited to see our services grow in capacity and capability.

“Login with Microsoft” empowers us to introduce more great integrations in the future. And we already have a few in the works! As always, make sure you’re following the Gruntify social media channels to keep up to date with all the latest news. More to come!

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