Barcode and QR Scanning (Preview)

We are excited to introduce a new feature that’ll take scanning in Gruntify to a whole new level. Barcode and QR code scanning will enable users to virtually identify any item quickly via your smart device. Currently, this is available to selected customers in preview mode only.


What is this feature?

This feature is designed to read normal barcodes and QR codes to collect data and store it in a text box. Instead of manually typing data, users can opt to scan the code to both save time and minimise human error.


What are the uses and benefits?

The main use for this feature is the simplicity that scanning a code brings to a user, also avoiding human error during the data entry on forms. This is one of the most efficient ways to collect data such as websites, numbers, geographic locations, contact details and much more!

An example of use would be with coupon deals. QR codes are an innovative way to entice customers with specials or deals because it’s exclusive and adds an element of mystery to the customer. It’s a fresh way to keep customers engaged with businesses.

Another example of use would be in the insurance industry. As QR codes add an extra layer of security, it would give authenticity to insurance policies. In India, there has been an implementation of this with vehicle insurance policies. A police officer would use their smart device to scan the QR code and be directly taken to the official insurance policy details.

QR and barcode codes can also be implemented within the agricultural industry. For example, QR codes could be linked to a webpage that holds details about the origin, packaging dates and information about how their food was produced. This helps to build the trust between a consumer and the company manufacturing the products.

This type of technology is pioneering in China, where retailers include QR codes on each object in a store to drive better engagement from the shoppers. The products would then be added to the customer’s cart, then either purchased in-store or online. There was a popup in Melbourne recently where Alibaba previewed the technology in action. The popup stall was a small replica apartment where each object was tagged with large black and white QR codes. To read more on this, click here.


How it works?

Mobile users can easily scan codes through the details section of a request. The Gruntify app can interpret barcodes through your device’s camera, so there is no need for an external barcode device. Then, after the code has been scanned, the data would appear in the text box provided.

If you want to know more about Gruntify and how you could utilise this feature, contact us today.

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