Vector Maps in Gruntify

Gruntify, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile workforce and asset management solutions, has recently announced its support for vector basemaps. This update is a significant improvement over the previous raster basemap-only support, which will deliver many benefits for Gruntify’s users and customers.

The future of maps is vector

Vector basemaps are becoming increasingly popular among its users and map enthusiasts because they offer several advantages over traditional raster basemaps. Unlike raster basemaps, which are static images, vector basemaps are dynamic and can be customized to fit the needs of specific applications. They are also more efficient in terms of storage space, rendering time and download speeds, making them ideal for use on mobile devices and other platforms with limited resources.

With this update, Gruntify’s users will be able to take advantage of these benefits and enjoy a more user-friendly and efficient experience. The vector basemaps will allow for faster, sharper and more accurate data visualization, enabling users to quickly identify and locate assets and resources. Additionally, the ability to customize the basemaps will make it easier for users to access the information they need, when they need it.

How do they work?

Vector-based map styling is achieved through defining properties such as color, opacity, and stroke width. The same spatial data can be rendered in different styles by modifying these properties. Dark maps use darker color schemes to enhance contrast and create a dramatic effect. Light maps use lighter colors to create a clean, modern look. Street maps highlight road networks and labels, making them ideal for navigation.

Note: The maps are rendered dynamically using identical source data but different style sheets.

How to get started

Overall, the new support for vector basemaps is a significant update for Gruntify and its users. By providing faster, more efficient, and customizable basemaps, Gruntify is helping its customers make the most of their data and assets. Whether you are a mapping professional or a mobile workforce manager, this update is sure to deliver significant benefits and improve your overall experience.

Get in touch today to see how vector maps will boost productivity in your organization’s field service workflows.

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