User Role Types in Gruntify

The latest release of our award-winning platform Gruntify (v4) has been built fresh from the ground up to feature brand-new native apps, REST API, a much-improved web portal, plus more. And with our fresh set of updates, which have been two years in the making, a new security model has been incorporated, which now features new User Role Types!

Previously, we had user roles in Gruntify, but they weren’t clearly defined. They were basic names that subtly explained each user capability and responsibility. Now, we’ve re-framed each role down to more simple, realistic roles that make sense to you, the customer.

There are five key user types within Gruntify v4. Each one has its own set of capabilities that align with the needs of typical members in an organization. The new roles are:

  • Primary Owner
  • Owner
  • Controller
  • Worker
  • Data Collector

Each of these roles plays a part in the Gruntify workflow. Assigning roles for your organization members will now be a seamless process with these new user role types. To learn more about these roles, you can now visit our brand-new User Roles page that explains each role in depth. But should you still have any questions for us, feel free to ask!

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