Gruntify partners with HERE Technologies

With recent sales statistics showing a surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) uptake in Australia, and this trajectory expected to continue, there will be increasing demand for charging stations across the country. Leading mapping and location data provider, HERE Technologies has been developing robust coverage of EV charging stations around the globe, and with the vision to enable Australian and New Zealand drivers to find the right charging points faster and more reliably, they have been working closely with relevant organisations to map and keep track of the growing number of EV charging stations.

In partnership with HERE Technologies, we developed the “PlaceThem” mobile app to be used in their competition to incentivise the EV community to have greater involvement in this process and contribute to the identification of the location of stations and their offered services. This data will then be made available via various platforms (e.g. in-car navigation systems and HERE maps) to contribute back to the EV community and help them find charging stations easier and faster, encouraging the growth of the EV ecosystem and further adoption of EVs across Australia and New Zealand.

The competition is open to anyone in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, with notable rewards on offer for contributors. HERE Technologies are utilising a third-party mobile application called “PlaceThem” for the competition, which is supported on both iOS and Android devices. To learn more, please visit

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