Introducing Geofencing in Gruntify

We have previously explored the advantages of Geofencing and User Tracking. How can you gain those improvements using Gruntify? It is easier than you think – simply combine your existing geolocation data and real-time user tracking options in Gruntify with our new Geofencing feature! A few clicks in the control panel to activate geofencing and you’re done – no additional setup is required.

Gruntify time tracking geofencing software
Improved Time Tracking

Gruntify creates a geofence around a job’s location automatically by slightly extending the footprint of the location geometry, otherwise known as geofence buffer. With Geofencing turned on, all check-ins, check-outs, and completions are within this customizable buffer.

Improvements in streamlined location and time tracking lead to better scheduling, better evidence of service, better training, identifying the workers who would most benefit, and better employee safety.

mobile app showing map geofencing notiifcations
Real World Reality

The geofence will be shaped by any containing asset, dealing with those tricky locations where a circular-based geofence isn’t enough. Gruntify also allows for supervised overrides for those places you know the GPS does not work accurately.

Geofencing – another great feature in Gruntify for Business. Visit our Pricing Page to start your free trial today!

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