Gruntify launches new Business Plan

Gruntify’s new Business Plan steps up to offer field service automation solutions using automated team-based work dispatching based on their skills and equipment along with geographical asset management and GPS User Tracking.

Since our soft launch about a month ago, we have worked with a handful of clients to refine our SaaS Business plan, adding Asset Management, Job Management and Scheduling to our existing Professional product.

Introducing Assets and Jobs…

  • An Asset has a geographical location, which can be a point or an arbitrary shape area.
  • Manage your Assets with Jobs – automatically setting the Job location to the Asset locations.
  • Or set up a Job without an Asset at an arbitrary location.
  • Schedule the Job to be done repeatedly, or do it just once.
  • The Job Type knows what equipment and skills are needed to do a Job.

You can manually assign a Team to do the job or let Gruntify automate the allocation for you where Jobs can be allocated to teams with the right equipment and the right skills. Once in the field, the team can work together to get the Job done.

Streamlining field service work by converting details from a field request into a new job has never been easier.

For proof of service and the safety and management of your staff, Gruntify also offers User Tracking as an optional extra for both Gruntify Business and the existing Gruntify Professional plans. Staff in the office and in the field can see their fellow workers’ locations in real-time.

For innovative workforce management and field service automation solutions, learn more about Getting Started with Gruntify for Business or visit our Pricing Page to start your free trial today!

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