All systems nominal, Australia we are go for launch

Two Australian companies – Adelaide-based Blue Dwarf Space and Brisbane-based Gruntify – have today established a partnership to simplify, augment and streamline the regulatory process for space activities.

Blue Dwarf Space director Kelly Yeoh said the partnership will help overcome the significant industry pain point of gaining permits to perform space activities.

“Australia’s space companies say that regulatory compliance is complicated and time-consuming, and considered to be stifling innovation. Those regulations are important for ensuring companies understand and meet their obligations to maintain a safe and sustainable space sector now, and into the future” Ms Yeoh said.

“Blue Dwarf can simplify, streamline and automate those processes, ensuring responsibility and sustainability that doesn’t interfere with our clients’ workflows, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

“Our partnership leverages Gruntify’s world-class digital workflow platform management so that we can deal with the red tape and our clients can focus on their preparations for launch,” Ms Yeoh said.

Gruntify chief executive officer Igor Stjepanovic said that “ultimately the partnership will assist the fledgling Australian space industry’s international competitiveness”.

“We look forward to partnering with Blue Dwarf Space to streamline spectrum allocation and launch approvals using code-free management of workflow in enterprise environments,” Mr Stjepanovic said.


Peter Kinne
Chief Revenue Officer
[email protected]
Gruntify Pty Ltd

Kelly Yeoh
Founder | Director
[email protected]
Blue Dwarf Space Pty Ltd

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