Unveiling Our Three New Features

October has been a busy month for Gruntify! Over the past month, our team has been working hard to continue growing our workflow platform. In fact, if you have been keeping an eye out on our social media channels, you might have noticed that we’ve announced three new features.

QR & barcode scanning, Map Legends, and Trips are the newly unveiled features now available in Gruntify! Here’s a rundown on what these new features are and how they can work for you.

QR & Barcode Scanning

Designed to streamline asset tracking and management, QR & barcode scanning is easier than ever with Gruntify. Simply aim your smartphone camera towards the code, and before you can even blink, your asset is identified. This feature eliminates the error-prone processes of manual data entry and introduces an efficient way to manage your assets.

Map Legends

Having a clear and concise map legend is imperative when reading any kind of map. And that’s why we decided to build a dynamic, layer-based map legends feature where users will be able to create legends without the hassle of doing all the grunt work. Manage the legend color settings for the map layer within the layer itself and just associate the words with the colors. Gruntify will do the rest and create your beautiful map legend!

GPS Trip Recording

Our GPS Trips feature allows field workers the opportunity to record a “trip” which includes the length of the trip and how far the user traveled. Simply press record and go about your job, and once finished, the trip is recorded and saved to your profile. This feature can be used for various instances, including proof of work and evidence of travel, to name a few.

Additionally, our sales team has continued their travels across the U.S., and we’ll have more to share on that front soon. Make sure you’re following our social media channels to keep up to date with all the latest news!

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