Gruntify Partners with CivStart

For over four years, Gruntify has been solving civic challenges across the world. Through organizations like STIR and others, we’ve been able to put our hand up to solve these challenges. But we know how hard it is to crack into markets and find the right partners to help reach goals and milestones, which is why we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with CivStart!

CivStart is a stage-agnostic govtech accelerator helping emerging startups market within state and local governments in the U.S. With this partnership we’ll be able to liaise with mentors and leaders in business and government sectors. These mentors are at the top of their industries and will help us find the right market fits for Gruntify within the U.S.

“I am pleased to extend an offer to Gruntify to partner with CivStart. As a rule of thumb, we require all startups and scaleups to undergo a stringent selection process. However, when I met with our board, and I shared who Gruntify was, they wanted to move forward immediately!”

-CivStart Chief Growth Officer, Anthony Jamison

We know working with government agencies is our bread and butter. Having CivStart by our side will allow us to help local governments solve some of the biggest problems facing their communities. We’re excited to partner with CivStart and look forward to seizing opportunities that come our way!

“The partnership with CivStart, paired with their deep understanding of and connections with the local government sector, will open up a sea of opportunities for Gruntify. We could not have found a better partner to drive our digital transformation agenda across the United States. More exciting updates to follow soon!”

-Gruntify Founder, Igor Stjepanovic

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