Gruntify Launches in the UK

Last year we kickstarted our US operations by incorporating Gruntify Inc. This week, we are proud to announce Gruntify Limited, our UK operations based in London! Our growing success in Australia and the US led us to start looking at other countries where we could see Gruntify thrive. When an opportunity arose for possible expansion in the UK, we decided to take it with open arms.

The beauty of Gruntify is its capability to adapt to many industries in different places. Our mission is to help organizations reach their potential and help manage their workflows. Bringing our recipe of real-time data collection, location intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning to the UK will help us reach that goal.

So, we chose to head our operations in London! The great part is that it will act as a central hub for which we intend to use as a springboard to help us reach other European countries.

The future is bright for Gruntify and we’re excited to seize new opportunities coming from this expansion.

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