Gruntify Introduces More Open Data Basemaps

We recently announced basemap integrations with the New South Wales Government and Queensland Government open data basemap web services within Gruntify. As our platform continues to grow, so do the choices for basemaps.

As promised, we’ve introduced even more options for our customers. Specifically, we’ve integrated with the Tasmanian Government open data web service and Geoscience Australia.

The Tasmanian Government’s service provides the utmost accurate information for the state while Geoscience Australia is the trusted source for the whole of Australia. These latest integrations work the same as any other Government open data web service. They act as single sources of truth and provide various basemaps to choose from.

For our Australian customers, the introduction of these basemaps is extremely beneficial. Not to mention that those new basemaps are free!

This is an exciting announcement for Gruntify. We understand how important choice is for our customers so we will aim to continue providing as many options as possible. More updates to come!

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