Male field service workers using a tablet device to access field service workflows.

Boost Field Service Workflows with Gruntify’s Innovative Offline Capabilities

Field service workflows play a vital role in industries like facilities management, real estate, agriculture, and telecommunications. These workflows encompass crucial tasks such as inspections, job management, asset tracking, as well as data collection. In the past, these processes relied heavily on paperwork and manual labor. But thanks to advancements in technology, businesses now haveRead more

A scenic countryside landscape with various farming tools scattered across the lush fields

The Benefits of Being a Field Worker

Are you tired of being cooped up in an office all day? Do you yearn for a profession that allows you to explore the great outdoors while making a meaningful impact? If so, then becoming a field worker might be the perfect career path for you. In this article, we will delve into the numerousRead more

A digital calendar displayed on a computer screen

The Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

Discover the incredible advantages of incorporating scheduling software into your daily routine.

Male oil industry worker checking reports and data using field service management software on a laptop.

The Best Oil and Gas Field Service Management Software in 2023

Field service management is a crucial component of the energy industry, particularly for oil and gas companies. It involves coordinating resources and equipment, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations, managing teams, as well as optimizing production and efficiency. Recent years have seen technological advances, enabling oil and gas companies to enhance their field serviceRead more

Man in a protected forest area using a laptop for environmental inspections.

Streamlining Environmental Inspections for Your Field Teams With Gruntify

What if there was a way to overlay the data your field inspectors collect onto a map for geospatial context to the environmental parameters you’re assessing? Fortunately, there is! That’s where Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration comes in—and it helps in streamlining your environmental inspections for your field teams. In fact, GIS takes your environmental management toRead more

Field service managers tracking employees and tasks using field service automation software on a computer.

Top 7 Advantages of Field Service Automation Software

Field service automation software makes it easy to gather data, automate scheduling, monitor inventory, manage teams, and automate workflows—all from a single platform.  Automation solutions provide reliable reports to make informed decisions quickly and cut unnecessary costs. Some are also GPS-enabled to track technicians in the field and coordinate teams more efficiently.  This article divesRead more

Male engineer using a tablet device while performing an environmental inspection in a water treatment facility.

How Optimizing Your Environmental Inspection Workflows Can Enhance Process Efficiency

As the world moves towards paperless environmental inspection solutions, stakeholders are continually acknowledging the benefits of these technologies in total process optimization. Digitization enables organizations to meet environmental standards and regulations efficiently and to utilize real-time data collection and analysis through processes like change detection. In this guide, we discuss why existing technologies are ineffectiveRead more

two mining engineers assessing mining work with excavator and dump truck in background

7 Reasons Why You Need To Automate Your Field Service Operations

Automation has become indispensable in today’s fast-paced world. Regarding the field service industry, automating processes through technology plays a central role in managing field service operations, including dispatching, scheduling, order management, and more. Automating field service operations The benefits of automation notwithstanding, research shows that more than 52 percent of field service companies still coordinateRead more

Engineers in a control room looking at computer screens showing enterprise asset management software.

Your One-Stop Guide to Enterprise Asset Management Software

Physical assets are necessary players in your organization’s operations. Keep them in good shape, and you’ll reap immense benefits, including a long lifespan, proper utilization, as well as reduced operational costs. But tracking and controlling everything becomes a nightmare if your organization is a behemoth of assets and workforce. That’s where Enterprise Asset Management Software comesRead more

A male field service manager using a laptop to access CMMS software for asset maintenance.

The 2022 Complete Guide to CMMS Software

Maintenance management can be challenging, especially without the right technology to support your operations. You have to ensure equipment is running seamlessly, maintenance tasks are performed on time, and the company runs with minimal downtime. Things become even more challenging when you have to accomplish all these needs with a limited budget. This is where theRead more