The Best Oil and Gas Field Service Management Software in 2023

Field service management is a crucial component of the energy industry, particularly for oil and gas companies. It involves coordinating resources and equipment, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations, managing teams, as well as optimizing production and efficiency.

Recent years have seen technological advances, enabling oil and gas companies to enhance their field service management processes. Still, some companies are reluctant to adopt these technologies to ease operations, improve productivity, and minimize costs. They use old-fashioned inspection approaches based on pen, paper, and spreadsheets. But with the increased competition in the oil and gas sector, companies have been forced to seek cost-effective solutions, including field service management software.

This post explores oil and gas field service management. We also discuss the top five best oil and gas field service management software for 2023, including Gruntify.

But first, the basics.

What is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) refers to coordinating a company’s resources in work activities and operations outside company premises or property. A company may dispatch contractors or workers to a location off company premises to install, repair or maintain systems, equipment, or assets.

Field service managers are also in charge of this process—they coordinate the work of field service practitioners and monitor the organization’s field resources.

Field service management components include;

  • Field service scheduling and dispatch
  • Inventory management
  • Work order management
  • Field service contract management
  • Customer management
  • Claims and reimbursement
  • Pre/post-inspection reports

Benefits of Field Service Management

Initially, companies considered field service management as a burden. However, introducing new technologies has improved IT infrastructure and changed the scenario. In fact, companies now use field service management as a revenue source. Here are some benefits of effective field service operations management;

  • Increased customer satisfaction: FSM allows you to coordinate your contractors or workers to meet customer expectations. FSM managers can respond promptly to customer concerns and unexpected delays, increasing satisfaction.
  • Increased uptime: FMS allows companies to identify necessary repairs earlier, ensuring high-performance levels and reduced downtime.
  • Empowers field service technicians: FSM allows companies to provide off-site workers with remote assistance and mobile capabilities. This also helps workers stay safe, compliant, and complete tasks efficiently.
  • Minimize field service costs: FSM utilizes data and insights, allowing companies to schedule and complete maintenance tasks at the time, effectively and efficiently.

Male oil and gas worker working on a laptop while in the field.

How Field Service Management Software is Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

Automated operations in field service increase profitability and enhance customer satisfaction. So, whether your oil and gas company offers upstream, midstream, or downstream services, you may need to use FSM software to streamline operations and improve profitability. Here’s how FSM is applied in the oil and gas industry;

  • Improving productivity in the field: FSM allows companies to deliver first and superior services for complex service-oriented jobs in outdoor environments like refineries and spill sites.
  • Defect and deficiency reduction: FSM allows oil and gas companies to learn from experience and discover patterns in the data that could go unnoticed. This also helps minimize defects and quality failures.
  • Compliance and risk verification: FSM software offers proof of compliance by tracking and reporting all data and activities related to quality inspection. This allows oil and gas companies to meet all the necessary standards.

5 FSM Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Advances in technology have brought many solutions to FSM. Therefore finding an effective and reliable FSM solution can seem daunting.

However, your best FSM solution will depend on your company’s needs and preferences. When choosing FSM software, you must consider support channels, user interface, and pricing factors. Here are our top five field service management software picks for 2023.

1. Gruntify

Gruntify is a game-changer in the Oil and Gas industry, offering comprehensive capabilities for asset workflows, field inspections, job assignments, and crew dispatch.

What sets Gruntify apart is its powerful integration with remote observation and remote sensing, leveraging satellite data for efficient “detect and dispatch” functions. This unique capability among its peers is crucial during emergencies like gas leaks or asset damage.

With a user-friendly interface, quick implementation, and minimal IT support, Gruntify simplifies job scheduling and allows seamless integration with third-party systems through its flexible API.

Key Gruntify Benefits:

  • Track and manage assets from anywhere
  • Simplify complex job scheduling
  • Integrate and automate with a flexible API

Moreover, Gruntify offers excellent customer support through its help center and support tickets. You can request a demo or a free 14-day trial.

2. FieldAware

This cloud-based platform has a specialized solution for oil and gas companies that helps manage inspections, reporting, and safety compliance. The platform also has other features, including maintenance scheduling, asset management, and mobile workforce management. Here’s what FieldAware offers specific to the oil and gas industry;

  • Improved productivity in the field with fast, accurate scheduling and dispatch
  • Rapid implementation and quick field adoption to reduce downtime
  • Precise information, expert resources, and the correct parts and equipment in the field
  • Dispatches planned, emergency and in-day tasks to the right, skilled field personnel

Male field service technician checking pipe system while using field service management software.

3. ServiceMax

This asset-centric field service management solution is built for businesses offering asset maintenance and management assistance. The platform offers features, services, as well as integrations to help oil and gas companies improve asset uptime and boost technician productivity. 

ServiceMax also helps in managing work orders, dispatching, and scheduling. Moreover, it offers reporting and analytics tools to help oil and gas companies track performance and optimize operations. 

You can start with a free 30-day trial before upgrading to a paid plan. Demo requests are also available.

4. Jobber

Jobber offers robust capabilities for scheduling and booking. In fact, this field service management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It helps managers and admins improve productivity with batch invoicing, one-click conversion, and built-in reports.

Here’s what you get from Jobber;

  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Online booking
  • Invoicing and follow-ups
  • SMS updates

A 14-day free trial is available, as well as a demo request.

5. ProntoForms

ProntoForms allows companies to develop custom mobile apps with context and intelligence. The FSM solution enables field technicians to complete complex work safely and effectively.

Oil and gas companies can harness intuitive, scalable, and secure solutions to improve their asset uptime as well as reduce work stoppages and compliance incidents.

Some of the tools embedded in the software include;

  • GPS and time stamps
  • Barcode and signature capture
  • Image and video capture
  • Offline capability
  • Embedded work instructions
  • Analytics dashboard

Female field service manager using field service management software on a tablet device to check on tasks.


Field service management is a valuable service for the oil and gas industry. The process allows companies to manage field service activities, reduce downtime, as well as increase productivity.

FSM software also offers real-time data and analytics, enabling oil and gas companies to make informed decisions. Therefore, they can expect improvements in asset maintenance, workforce utilization, and customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking to invest in field service management software, various options are available, including Gruntify. Request a demo today!

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