GPS Tracking – Revolutionizing Fleet Management

Everyone knows there are many crucial elements for first responders to consider when responding to a scene. But there is one element that stands out – Time. For all first responders, time is of the essence when they first receive a call. The stress of time combined with poor navigation can be detrimental when traveling to the scene. So what if all these crucial elements could be managed from the palm of your hand? What if you could ensure your first responders receive the best chance to save a life?

Introducing Gruntify’s newest feature – GPS tracking. This feature provides dispatchers with real-time situational awareness and the capability to monitor their fleet anytime, anywhere, thus ensuring callers help is on the way.

From the first responders’ perspective, all incident-related information is stored on their handheld devices, meaning no new hardware is needed! Integration with TomTom, Google, and Apple routing features enables first responders to know the fastest route, so no time is wasted traveling to the scene. Similarly, as they arrive or leave the accident scene geofence, they are automatically checked in and checked out, giving dispatchers valuable insights regarding who was, or who is at the scene.

GPS tracking can give first responders the best chance to focus on the main job at hand.

But GPS tracking is an adaptable feature that applies to multiple use cases and many industries. As another great example, think about Towing. Being able to dispatch the nearest tow truck to the job site would not only save time, but it would improve your customer’s experience (except for the driver whose car is being towed away!).

“The benefits are endless with GPS tracking. Efficiency, security, reduced costs and improved customer service are only a few to name. Utilizing this adaptable feature will not improve your organization but will help reach your goals. GPS tracking can streamline your daily operations so why not start now?” – Gruntify Founder, Igor Stjepanovic.

Another example is tracking wheelchairs at the airport. There are a limited number of them available, so being able to locate one quickly when customers need them is extremely important. GPS tracking would be able to show the location of all wheelchairs and save time in getting them to customers.

And let’s think about one more use case – deliveries. GPS tracking can be the factor that guarantees all your deliveries are fast and efficient. You’ll know exactly where your vehicles are and will be able to reassure customers their delivery is on the way. Knowing the location of your drivers will also keep them safe. This enables you to prevent theft, and help your drivers feel better about their safety.

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