Australian Open Data in Gruntify

Today we’re excited to announce two more integrations in Gruntify! Namely, we’ve integrated with the New South Wales Government and Queensland Government open data basemap web services!

These latest government integrations work very similarly, if not the same as each other (other than obviously covering different geographic footprints). They both act as authoritative, single sources of truth. Users can select from various map layers that best suit their needs or projects. Some of these include aerial imagery, topography maps and of course street maps.

In particular for our Australian customers, these maps will provide a wealth of information. Having access to the utmost accurate information will help you make crucial decisions when it comes to your projects.

We’re very excited about these integrations, and we hope that our Australian customers are too. As Gruntify continues to grow, we will aim to provide more options for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates!

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