User Roles

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The five key roles

A user role is a collection of permissions and capabilities that can be assigned to specific members in your organization.

Primary Owner

The Primary Owner is the first user created in a workspace, and has all permissions. Except in a workspace that has only a single account, the Primary Owner is not a regular user.

Who's it suited for?

General Managers, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs etc.

What can they do?

They can manage users and teams, create and manage forms, regions and custom layers, and manage billing and subscription details.

Primary Owner #1
Primary Owner #2


Owners manage the workspace. They have most of the same permissions as the Primary Owner, but do not have access to billing functions.

Who's it suited for?

System Administrators & Department Managers.

What can they do?

The Owner role can perform many of the same functions as the Primary Owner, with the exception of deleting the workspace and managing requests.


Controllers are usually located in the back office and operate as team leaders.

Who's it suited for?

Team Leaders & Dispatchers.

What can they do?

The Controller role is responsible for the day-to-day management of requests. They accept, reject, and delete requests submitted by Data Collectors and Workers, and allocate jobs to Workers.

Worker 1920x1080


Workers are normally field workers. They receive tasks from Controllers, and complete them.

Who's it suited for?

Field Workers who complete assigned tasks eg. Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Road Workers etc.

What can they do?

Workers go into the field to perform follow-up and completion work on previously submitted requests before returning them to the Controller for sign-off.

Data Collector

Data Collectors are typically the people who start the process of creating records in Gruntify. They normally work in the field, and may operate offline for extended periods.

Who's it suited for?

Field workers who collect data eg. Inspectors, Reporters, Auditors, First Responders etc.

What can they do?

The Data Collector creates new records by collecting media and filling in forms before submitting them to Controllers.

Data Collector #1

Compare User Roles


Primary Owner Owner Controller Worker Data Collector
Create & Edit Requests
Administer Requests
Manage Users
Manage Teams
Manage Forms
Manage Maps
Manage Subscription
Manage Workspace
Delete Workspace

Customize security roles & permissions

Refine your users’ roles to match their business functions with Gruntify. Go beyond the existing “out of the box” roles to customize and add your own.

Customize to match your project workflows

In a larger organization you may wish to expand on the default roles and create your own custom roles for your own custom workflows. The possibilities are now endless.

Roll out consistency across your organization

Configure roles and their permissions quickly and accurately so any changes that are made are rolled out consistently across your workforce.
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