New Australian partnership advances digital enterprise workflow management in human services

Two Queensland companies – Ozur and Gruntify – have today established a partnership to combine Ozur’s specialist engineering and technology services with Gruntify’s end-to-end cloud solution for business process automation across the Australian telecommunications, energy, security and logistics sectors.

Ozur chief executive officer Janet Brimson said Ozur focuses on improving people’s way of life.

“We support people’s health, safety, and equitable access to sustainable energy and telecommunications to improve their outcomes and daily life,” she said.

“As we identify opportunities to bring people, products and services together, it seems logical to partner with Gruntify, a leader in field services, across our core industries”.

“The Gruntify solution helps us strengthen community solutions, providing staff coordination and supervision digitally and direct with workers in the field,” Ms Brimson said.

“Ozur brings multi-functional industry expertise to this partnership, providing a leading industry voice in innovation, data, process improvement and the advanced integration of technology.

Gruntify chief executive officer Igor Stjepanovic said the Gruntify workflow management platform “will help Ozur add further value to its client activities and greater flexibility to its technology solution options”.

“As Australia’s leading enterprise workflow management software, we look forward to working with Ozur to offer a faster return on investment,” Mr Stjepanovic said.

With its head office in Brisbane, Gruntify is a globally recognised workflow platform which enables code-free management of workflow in enterprise environments.


Peter Kinne
Chief Revenue Officer
[email protected]
Gruntify Pty Ltd

Nick Alford
Principal Advisor
[email protected]
Ozur Pty Ltd


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