Track water quality & conduct regular asset inspections.

Data In Your Pocket

Data in your pocket

Publish your assets data and share with users.

See Beyond

See beyond

Explore underground asset infrastructure using AR.

Manage Land Access

Manage land access

Communicate with property owners for land access.

Protect Important Sites

Protect important sites

Visit heritage and environment sites regularly to monitor change.

Report water leaks and breaches

Do you live in a city or region experiencing water restrictions? We understand the problems surrounding this issue and how it can impact a community. 

With Gruntify’s real-time technology, your organization can take a crowdsourcing approach, using them as your “eyes in the field” to report water leaks and breaches.

Industries Water Utilities
Water Utilities Audit Assets

Audit assets from above or beneath

Do you own assets in hard-to- see places, such as underground or in areas with difficult access? Then look no further! 

Our drone livestreams and captures are quickly becoming the most convenient way of inspecting your assets from up above, while Gruntify’s augmented reality view in its mobile apps helps you see various objects and assets that are located underground.

Conduct water meter reading

From a messy stack of forms, to hard-to- read handwriting, to mistakes in data input, paper-based forms to collect meter readings can be a pain. 

Introducing Gruntify’s mobile data collection into your workflow management system helps your field workforce streamline workflows, collect meter readings more efficiently, and enhance the quality of your data.

Water Meter Reading

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