Inspection Management Software

Digitize & map your inspections

Collect data in real-time and digitize your field operations with smart mobile forms.
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Inspection Management Software

Go paperless without code

Create inspection forms in minutes, and collect field data instantly on any mobile device.
Fully Flexible API

Digitize & deliver consistency

Lift service standards by digitizing field workflows and ensuring every step is consistent.

Add assets, jobs & workflows

When you’re ready to go further with field automation, Gruntify can go with you.
Enterprise Grunt #1

Enterprise grunt with ease

Enjoy a slick consumer interface plus enterprise essentials: security, integration and more.

Seamless from field to desk

Field Worker

Field Worker

Use an easy app to complete inspections and capture field data with forms & rich media.
Team Leader

Team Leader

Run your field team from desk to field, creating and managing inspections from anywhere.
Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Track and manage the real-time status of field inspections using dashboards, maps and reports.

Build forms in minutes

Powerful functionality, easy interface. With our slick smart form builder and templates, you can get mobile inspection forms up and running in no time.

Simple drag and drop
No developers needed: create forms in minutes using a drag-and-drop web interface.
Set permissions
Cater for multiple teams and projects: you can have multiple workspaces with their own forms and teams.
Publish to an easy mobile app
When your form is finished, you simply publish to a mobile app that can be used on consumer-grade devices.
Build Forms
Conduct Mobile Field Inspections

Conduct mobile field inspections with ease

No more paper forms. No more costly devices. Gruntify’s mobile apps deliver top user experience on affordable consumer grade hardware.

Inspect and collect field data effortlessly
Field workers conduct inspections using an easy iOS or Android app that works both on and offline.
Capture media, annotations & signatures
Use the app to instantly add photos, video, audio, and signatures to field inspections.
Location is a given
Forms can be sent with maps for use on and offline and GPS-tracked field workers can find each other.

Gain real-time location awareness

Location data is key to inspection management. Get the grunt you’d expect in a GIS but with the simplicity of consumer-grade software.

Run a real-time control room

Improve visibility and safety with a real-time overview of all field crews, assets and geotagged field data.

Maps and layers for online or offline use

Integrate third party basemaps or your own GIS data and control layers in the web and mobile apps.

See more in the field

Plan, predict and problem-solve from your mobile with real-time location updates from inspections and workers.

Location Awareness
“Gruntify enabled us to quickly and effectively capture details for 26,000 businesses across some 14,000 locations. The Gruntify team were able to accommodate out of the box requirements in a dynamic way to ensure the outcome required within tight timeframes”
Brett Scott, Commercial Product Manager
“Our goal using Gruntify is to adopt a 'control room' model for a fully automated mobile workforce. Instead of constant manual intervention, we will have full visibility using dashboards and exception reporting.”
Kerry Nohlmans, Project Manager
“The Gruntify interface is very easy. The learning curve was short, it was competitively priced - we didn't have to invest lots of time and money. It was the logical choice.”
David Dukovcic, Director of Technology & Deployment
Rural Innovation Lab
“The biggest issue in farming is waste – it’s not a data-centred industry but the potential to save time and costs with better data is significant. Our farmers were astounded by how easy Gruntify was to pick up. We can also innovate very quickly – I can make changes and deploy them in seconds.”
Tony Newling, Project Manager

Measure & improve

Gruntify pairs real-time business intelligence with world-class inspections so you can evaluate and improve the performance of your organization, teams and more.
Measure & improve

See full operational insights

Use real-time dashboards, reports & analytics to see the big picture by reviewing trends across the board.

Identify issues early

Quickly pinpoint issues such as frequently rejected inspections, which teams are performing poorly and more.

Rapidly act on insights

Spot trends and patterns that can be turned into opportunities or safeguard your business with preventive measures.

Export & integrate with ease

Easily export PDF reports or export data and integrate with other analytics applications such as PowerBI via OData.

Integrate Jobs

Integrate inspections with a fully flexible API

Easily integrate Gruntify with a host of services that already manage your assets, customers, reporting, data storage, and more.
Import or sync assets from your existing software to enable inspections for your organization, or turn your existing forms into location-enabled data collection powerhouses.
With Gruntify’s API-first inspection management software, you can have a seamlessly integrated tech stack across your entire organization with Gruntify as your source of truth.

Everything you need for automating your field operations

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling & allocation

Match jobs to crews without lifting a finger – use pre-defined logic to drive an automated job queue.
Asset Data Management

Asset data management

Get asset data to and from the field and avoid the time and mistakes of double data handling.
No Code Automation

No-code automation

Automate the entire field service workflow: scheduling jobs, managing assets and conducting inspections.

Don’t just take our word for it

There’s a reason Gruntify is one of the fastest-growing vendors for Field Service Management and Workflow Automation.
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4.8 star rating on Capterra
4.8 star rating on Software Advice
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