Work from Home Checklist

Improve workplace compliance and better manage your remote or ‘work from home’ teams with the Work from Home Checklist.

Keep your ‘work from home’ employees 
safe & compliant

Sometimes your employees can be better served to work from home, especially when movement restrictions, health concerns or life changing matters become a serious issue.

No matter the situation, employers are responsible to ensure that their staff have what they need at home to be able to work safely and effectively.

With the Gruntify Work from Home Checklist, staff can complete reports from their personal mobile devices, ensuring the necessary compliance obligations are met and staff can work happily 
and efficiently from their own home.

Work from Home
Complete ‘work from home’ checklists with fast, mobile reporting

Complete ‘work from home’ checklists with fast, mobile reporting

The Gruntify mobile reporting app can geotag and timestamp your employee’s collected data, ensuring that what was captured was at the right location and within required timeframes. Need a custom Work from Home Checklist? Simply modify the form template in Gruntify or talk to us about getting your existing forms converted for free.

Improved reporting validation & insights for supervisors

Once the data starts coming in, the supervisors can use the Gruntify web app to inspect ‘work from home’ reports. Supervisors can then validate that their staff indeed have everything they need, to work safely and effectively, remotely from home.

Improved reporting validation & insights for supervisors

“Has been transformational in helping us meet our digital initiatives internally, while providing our clients with seamless access to reporting and data.”

Soner. B – Civil Engineering Industry
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Smart forms

Build your own or customise a template. Use conditional logic to create smart forms.
Geo-enabled Inspections

Geo-enabled inspections

Collect and analyse form & location data in real-time with the Gruntify Work from Home Checklist.

Project Workspaces

Project workspaces

Setup workspaces for each of your projects to make teamwork more focused, easier and more secure.
Fast Beautiful Reports

Beautiful reports

Build custom report templates & create beautiful, insightful reports for your team or customers as proof of service.
Workforce Management

Workforce management

Track & manage users in real-time, record trips for proof service and manage your team all in one platform.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation

Set up actions that can be triggered in response to events or data submissions with the Grunt automation agents.

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