Utility Pole Inspection Software

Conduct pole inspections with ease and document each pole’s physical conditions for action with our utility pole inspection software.

Go paperless while enjoying precise digital inspections

Do away with paper pole inspection forms by converting them into the Gruntify Utility Pole Inspection Software, or just use one of our many inspection templates to get the job done. Record trips, capture media, sign off reports for the documentation of a complete utility pole assessment, and provide the customers with a detailed proof of service.

With our software solution’s offline support and location intelligence, you can collect pole data and compile reports on just about any device anywhere around the globe. Your offsite team does not need to carry several pieces of equipment and compile reports when they get back to the office.

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Geo Enabled Pole Inspections

Go mobile with geo-enabled forms

Enable your team to work conveniently on sites away from the office. With geo-enabled smart forms, ease of sending reports and navigable apps, your teams will work seamlessly from any point out there as long as they have their mobile devices.

Have inspection projects completed fast and effectively without causing the teams to come and write reports in the office. Our mobile product gets the work done wherever they are.

Utility pole inspection

Determine the location of your pole and ascertain its status with ease. Use the app insights to determine which are due for repair and replacement based on previous reports.

Use earlier reports to help clients ascertain the cost of managing poles, map areas where there is regular need for repair and vandalism, and ensure the smooth running of utility services over a wide area.

Manage Pole Inspections

Analyze data fast with oData and Power BI analytics

Visualize your utility pole data and present it perfectly to decision-makers with inbuilt dashboards and reports or Power BI and OData integrations. These analytic tools have the capabilities to manipulate, organize, and present data in a way it can elicit speedy action.

Use Power BI or oData to query both the quantity and the content of the reports lodged at a given period based on the projects at hand. You can use data to determine whether the poles require immediate repair or replacement or the cost or amount of the pending tasks.


“Has been transformational in helping us meet our digital initiatives internally, while providing our clients with seamless access to reporting and data.”

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Gruntify utility pole inspection software has everything you need

Geo Enabled Inspections

Go Mobile in a few clicks

Make it easy for your ground teams to create and send reports wherever they are straight from their devices with the lightweight app.

Geo-enabled Inspections

Geo-enabled inspections

Collect and analyze location data in the forms for each inspection project. Get accurate GPS data to take action quickly based on the collected data.

Data Insight

Get real-time insights

Use forms, graphs, and tables to interpret the data, and learn trends and other insights for accurate decision-making.

Project Workspaces

Project workspaces

Make teamwork more efficient, focused, and secure by setting up workspaces for each project. Use workspaces to manage each with a few clicks.

Form Build

Smart forms

Build pole inspection forms in a few steps. Use templates as-is or customize them for your needs.


Make beautiful reports

Build custom templates to present your reports on Gruntify Utility Pole Inspection Software. Add media, tables, figures, and formulas to our templates as per your needs.

Workforce Management

Manage your workforce easily

Divide work, track, and evaluate the speed and quality of each worker’s work by checking the real-time updates and reports they send.

Workflow Automation

Automate your workflow

Use Gruntify Workflow Studio to set up actions the system could trigger to respond to data submissions or events.


Integrate with ERP

Share data with your native software via API or bulk import process. Use the app to plan your operations with ease.

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