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The Gruntify Field Inspection App helps collect inspection data, create reports, automate workflows and manage your assets with ease.

Field Inspections

The Gruntify Field Inspection App streamlines field inspection workflows and helps to lift service standards. Through its no-code platform, the app offers an effective solution for digitizing field inspection workflows and ensuring every step is consistent.

The app creates a more efficient workflow by automating the process from start to finish. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily schedule jobs enabled by geofencing, manage assets, and conduct inspections with speed and accuracy.

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Risk Mitigation & Safety

Regarding safety and compliance, the Gruntify Field Inspection App can be a game-changer for your business. By having a customized form for each task and assignment, you can better manage the risks associated with operational activities.

And with tracking and job site monitoring, you can establish a baseline for safety and compliance standards, giving you a clearer idea of responsibility and control on site. Plus, with instant notifications of non-compliance concerns, assignees can address issues immediately.

Reporting & Data Analysis

The Gruntify Field Inspection App allows you to create field inspection reports easily, make real-time updates, and access the data anytime. In addition, the integrated native dashboards and analytics capabilities let you visualize your data and make informed decisions quickly.

The app seamlessly integrates with Power BI for more advanced analytics. With this integration, you can generate reports on field inspection activities across multiple sites, levels, and timescales to ensure you efficiently monitor all aspects of the field inspection process.


“Has been transformational in helping us meet our digital initiatives internally, while providing our clients with seamless access to reporting and data.”

Soner. B – Civil Engineering Industry
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Everything you need to improve your field inspections

Geo Enabled Inspections

Mobile Checklists Online and Offline

Build your own or customise a template. Use conditional logic to create smart forms.

Annotations, Photos, Geo Tags, and Barcodes

Capture necessary information correctly and efficiently by adding comments, photos, and other data stored safely for easy retrieval later.

Geo-enabled Inspections

Scale Results With an Inspection Management App

Manage field inspections and keeps track of results to help identify areas that need improvement for maximum efficiency.

Workforce Management

Real-Time Alerts in Case of an Emergency

Stay connected with your team and send or receive real-time alerts if a safety or business emergency arises.


Better Compliance With Standards

Provides real-time tracking, audit trails, and automated notifications to help inspectors achieve better compliance with standards and regulations.


Handle Approvals & Signatures in the Field

Acquiring approvals via digital format and law-binding electronic signatures saves organizations money while speeding up the process.


Save Time on Every Inspection with Media Capture

Quickly and efficiently take photos of any problem areas and post them immediately to the app for further instructions.


Reduce Incident Frequency with Automation

Automation and providing real-time data make it easier to identify potential hazards and take steps to mitigate them.


Educate Your Teams on Safety with Centralized Form

Reduce the risk of accidents by providing a centralized location for safety information and tracking compliance with safety procedures.


Analyze Big Volumes of Data Quickly & Efficiently

Automate your data entry and analysis for more reliability and generate helpful reports and visuals from it more quickly.


Deliver Safety Notifications to Reduce Accidents

Send weekly and daily safety information to reduce accident frequency, liability, and worker compensation costs.


Integrate and Export Data to Analytical Tools

Analyze data further and understand it faster to help identify patterns and trends, improve efficiency and reduce processing costs.

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