COVID-19 Inspection App

Stop the spread of viruses with the Gruntify COVID-19 Inspection App, a geo-enabled inspection & virus tracking software.

Enforcement of self-isolation & quarantine

Using Gruntify’s COVID-19 Inspection App, law enforcement and health authorities are able to easily enter details of infected patients and people who are required to self-isolate.

That information instantly shows up on the maps and appears in the Gruntify mobile inspection app – giving field inspectors all the information they need and in real-time.

Enforcement of self-isolation & quarantine

Rapidly respond to keep your teams informed

With the Gruntify COVID-19 Inspection App, Health or law enforcement Headquarters can assign the authorities closest to a case to do an inspection. The person on the job can immediately write the report and send it back to the administrator at HQ, letting them know of the outcome.

All members within your workspaces, from doctors to police, will then be kept up to date on infected reports as well as the virus spread.

Improve your inspections with real-time insights

Give your stakeholders real-time access to critical information through the Gruntify COVID-19 Inspection App.

Data collected in the field is uploaded and organized in the Gruntify web app providing a simple, yet powerful visual overview of reported infections and virus spread.

With our map view and query functionality you can build your own predictive model so you can more efficiently identify virus contacts and preemptively disrupt or incapicitate a virus from spreading.

Improve your inspections with real-time insights
Easy integration with existing government systems

Easy integration with existing government systems

The Gruntify COVID-19 Inspection App can be integrated with ease into to your existing Health, Law Enforcement or Defense software systems.

Through the Gruntify API you can allow data to flow seamlessly between users, devices and all systems you have integrated, saving thousand of hours re-entering data or duplicating effort.

Gruntify can also integrate with PowerBI allowing for detailed reporting & analytics capabilities.


“Has been transformational in helping us meet our digital initiatives internally, while providing our clients with seamless access to reporting and data.”

Soner. B – Civil Engineering Industry
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Smart forms

Build your own or customise a template. Use conditional logic to create smart forms.
Geo-enabled Inspections

Geo-enabled inspections

Collect and analyse form & location data in real-time with the Gruntify COVID-19 Inspection App.

Project Workspaces

Project workspaces

Setup workspaces for each of your projects to make teamwork more focused, easier and more secure.
Fast Beautiful Reports

Beautiful reports

Build custom report templates & create beautiful, insightful reports for your team or customers as proof of service.
Workforce Management

User tracking

Track & manage users in real-time, record trips for predictive analysis and manage all users from one platform.
Workflow Automation

Workflow automation

Set up actions that can be triggered in response to events or data submissions with the Grunt automation agents.

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