man wearing high vis hard hat using mobile app on construction site

Mobile Technology and the Future of Field Service

Every business owner can attest that it takes a lot more than a great product to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Sure—good products keep customers interested, but it’s the after-sale services that keep them coming back for more. Multiple industry studies have already established that after-sale services not only increase competitive advantage, but they alsoRead more

Gruntify’s Latest Travels

It has been a busy few months for Gruntify! Across the world, our team has been making steps toward growing Gruntify. From conferences to expos to winning awards, there is plenty of news to discuss. Let’s get into it! First off, towards the end of October, team Gruntify attended the 2018 BiiG Network public sectorRead more

Gruntify Launches in the UK

Last year we kickstarted our US operations by incorporating Gruntify Inc. This week, we are proud to announce Gruntify Limited, our UK operations based in London! Our growing success in Australia and the US led us to start looking at other countries where we could see Gruntify thrive. When an opportunity arose for possible expansionRead more

Gruntify Introduces Chatbots!

At Gruntify, we’re always looking for new ways to enhance our customer service experiences. Everyday our team is working very hard to empower both our field users, and system managers, so the data and information between them can flow freely, without any barriers or interruptions. And in a timely fashion. But at times, we needRead more

Barcode and QR Scanning (Preview)

We are excited to introduce a new feature that’ll take scanning in Gruntify to a whole new level. Barcode and QR code scanning will enable users to virtually identify any item quickly via your smart device. Currently, this is available to selected customers in preview mode only.   What is this feature? This feature isRead more