From this week, Gruntify officially integrates with DigitalGlobe’s Maps API! This exciting news represents a very important step in the evolution of Gruntify, and has been one of the most requested features by our existing and prospective customers alike.

The stunning satellite imagery served up by DigitalGlobe Maps API represent the world’s most up-to-the-minute imagery available. During events such as natural disasters this is invaluable resource. And you can now easily add DigitalGlobe maps to Gruntify. Here is how:

Step 1: Login as super user in Gruntify admin panel

Step 2: Select Map Layers -> Add Base Layer



Step 3: Enter required details, including Map ID and Access Token


Note: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all base maps that you wish to add. At this time, DigitalGlobe Maps API provides Vivid, Streets and Hybrid layers.


Step 4: Select Map Layers -> Manage Base Layers




Step 5: Enable all DigitalGlobe layers that you added above



That’s all you need to do! Now login to Gruntify as system manager, and enjoy beautiful DigitalGlobe imagery!


Step 6: Login as manager in Gruntify admin panel



Step 7: Select Maps -> Hotspots

You should see your newly added DigitalGlobe base maps appear in layer control (top right hand corner). The integration with DigitalGlobe Maps API is available to all Gruntify customers immediately. Enjoy!