Gruntify - the most flexible Fulcrum alternative

Gruntify is a fully customizable and easily adaptable Fulcrum alternative for teams that want the very best in an inspection management workflow. Take your inspections to the next level with location data, maps and GIS capabilities, asset management and job scheduling. You can even automate the lot with Gruntify’s Workflow Studio! 

Want the full run-down of why Gruntify is the ultimate Fulcrum alternative? We cover it all— from deep dives to comparisons — in this page.

Join other teams already using Gruntify for field inspections

San Jose

Better, more robust field inspection capabilities

Talk about mobile forms, offline modes, geo-enabled inspections, maps and GIS capabilities.

Level up inspection workflows with jobs & asset management

As your business requirements and clients become more demanding, Gruntify can grow with you.

When you need to go beyond simple inspections and mobile forms.

Get more bang for your buck with Gruntify

Gruntify’s plans are clear and easy to understand, while costs are transparent and predictable. And whatever plan you choose, we don’t charge for data storage.

Plus you get more features, better workflows, and a simpler user experience, meaning more bang for your back and better productivity.

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Gruntify Fulcrum
Form builder
Build forms with a drag and drop interface. Forms drive data collection and permissions for requests, jobs & assets.
Form template library
Get started using pre-made templates for a variety of industries and use cases.
Dynamic repeaters
Dynamically add multiple form fields using a parent / child hierarchy.
Conditional logic
Use conditional logic to create smart forms allowing you to control visibility of your form fields and design.
Signature capture
Barcode scanning
QR Code scanning
GPS trip recording
Record detailed GPS trip information for proof of service. Available on requests and jobs.

An award-winning inspections platform, loved by customers

“Our goal using Gruntify is to adopt a ‘control room’ model for a fully automated mobile workforce. Instead of constant manual intervention, we will have full visibility using dashboards and exception reporting.”
Kerry Nohlmans
Kerry Nohlmans

Project Manager, Citywide

Cut costs and get more with Gruntify

The #1 Fulcrum alternative for field inspections and field inspection management.

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