Gruntify is going global. We’re lucky to have a group of leading advisors to help our vision come to fruition.
Scott Kubly

Scott has almost two decades of experience in developing and launching new products, among other ventures. He led the global government relations team for Lime where he helped the company launch its first scooter market. Prior to Lime, Scott worked as Senior Executive with the Chicago and District of Columbia Departments of Transportation.

Hudson Hollister

Hudson founded HData to help data companies build the relationships, strategies, and understanding they need to deploy their technologies to transform business and governance. He also founded the Data Coalition which is the world’s largest open data trade association advocating for policy reforms across government management.

Glenn Angstadt

Glenn is a seasoned executive leader with a broad range of experience across a spectrum of industries. He has a passion for creating a clear vision and rethinking the way business gets done. For the past 12 years, Glenn has successfully leveraged emerging IT products and services to drive efficient service innovation in local government.